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#161514 - I reply “your welcome, I had to say hi as you caught my eye” she looks me up and down and says “I’m Amanda, how did I get catch your eye” I smile at her and reply “I’m Stefan and if I’m being honest I noticed you looking at me and wanted to see that tattoo closer” at this point I actually jabbed her tit as I pointed to her tattoo. She orders her drink and when the barmaid returns for paying I pushed forward and offer to pay ordering myself another JD for good measure. At the time it just happened but looking back, how does that ever happen, my cock was now at full erection and her wanking had more purpose, I gently moved her hand away, without saying a word put my cock under the tap gave it a quick wash, she just sat on the toilet not saying a word watching me, walked back towards her and put my cock to her mouth.

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