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#265966 - Claudia Ryan gazed over the sound stage looking in vain for Aldo Marchetti. Oh, please, she begged again, don't tease me, fuck me!!! With a swift motion, Aldo grabbed the panties by the crotch, and tore them away, exposing an oozing pussy that reeked of sexual excitement! Positioning himself between her legs, Aldo couldn't help but think that for being sixty, this old cunt really put on a show for the customers!!! He rubbed the head of his pecker up and down her wet crack, taking time to accidentally brush it across her now on fire clitoris! Her moan told him that it was time, so in a hard quick plunge he buried his meat deep inside of her! The savagery of the attack only heightened Claudia's desire and she threw her legs around Aldo's ass and locked her ankles together, holding him in place so the big cock couldn't escape her! He was long, that was for sure, but it was the thickness that always got to Claudia, that feeling of being totally stretched apart

Read Rough Sex [Kuusou] Savior of the Malicious ~Shoujo Hangyaku~ 5-wa [Digital] Amateur Savior of the Malicious5-wa

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