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#337934 - She lifted her head and whispered into his ear, Although I am terrified to fly, I almost had an orgasm from the fear and excitement it caused me, if you touch me, I know I'll have one right here and now!!! Throwing caution to the winds, Trent pulled the thin crotch panel to the side, and let his fingers roam all over her drooling pussy, until finally coming to rest on her hard little clit. Her thighs were unbelievably warm and smooth, and she seemed to coo softly the farther along his hand went. Sonja held on to Trent even harder, as she closed her eyes, hoping that they would get air born as quickly as possible while Trent let his hand slide a little farther up her thigh, until it was actually under the hem of her dress! When they finally reached cruising altitude, Sonja leaned back in her seat and tried to relax, but with little success.

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Damn where you always find that great girls