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#339443 - He went back to class but did not  pay attention he stared and Lisa her smile made his heart meld her ass in other hand made his heart beat faster he was in love and soon he would have her very soon . He stood there and admired them beautiful you should be proud of them he asked and Melissa giggled and smiled at him thank you she says softly now everytime you are alone with me you have a infinite amount of lust and skill to pleasure me he says as she immediately starts smiles and starts to kiss him and tries to take of his pants he sees her lust in her eyes she only wanted one thing and he was gonna give it to her . When the teacher enters everyone sits down and James looks at Lisa she dressed hot as always a short jeans showing of her legs and a black shirt that shows the nice rounding of her tits he knew he would have a lot of fun with her As the lessons almost ended James didn't pay attention he kept looking at his target , his newest conquest , his soon to be wife .

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