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#131061 - At that moment I knew what he wanted, that has never had happened to me, I had never sucked a cock, at first I resisted and pulled my head back but he was not going to be denied, he hold my head stronger than before and said with a very assertive tone, “Suck me”, although I was afraid I opened my mouth and he placed his cock inside, he started to move his cock inside and out of my mouth, it didn’t taste bad and I was just standing still with him using my mouth, he was in control, then he grabbed my hand and placed it on his cock and now I was grabbing his cock and socking him, I could only take two or three inches inside my mouth, although it was overwhelming I was experiencing something new and I liked it, I sucked his cock for at least five minutes and then he grabbed my head with both hands and then I felt it, he was coming in my mouth! I almost chocked, I was trying to swallow what I could but some was dripping down my chin, I could not believe he was coming in my mouth. Javier an

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Yagyuu juubei
Whats her name
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