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#285588 - He goes to the pub every Friday Exploiting the deep secrets within Those who harbor dark fancies And your penchant has seen you sucked in. ” A smelly old rag is then pushed in your mouth A tie-band then holds it in place Then an explosion of blinding white stars As a hand slaps you hard in your face “Now listen up close little girly” As a hand grips you firm on your chin “If you would like to see morning Then you’d better relax and give in” “Do you want to make this thing easy Or go down the hard route instead?” Knowing there now seems no option You give a slight nod of your head “Good girl, you gave the right answer We also want you to have fun And not have knife-cuts and bruises Before the game’s even begun But I’m here to give you fair warning I’m not gonna lie and pretend There might be red wealds on your ankles and wrists By the time we get to the end” You give a dry gulp and a shiver At the thought of what lay ahead But your mind goes blank with an

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