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#396462 - My efforts seemed to be working as Ryan fell back, stopping his play on my tight, pussy, he started to thrust his hips into my mouth from below, his hands held my ample tush in place as he fucked my mouth, using it for his pleasure. Ryan parted his legs wider giving me the go-ahead to reach higher under the towel covering his arse, my little hands roamed his butt flesh, giving it a firm massage, his hips were moving now, that earlier discomfort seemed to be returning and it only spurred me on, I moved my hands back to his never regions, tickling that area between his asshole and ball sack, my fingernails teasing back and forth feeling the heat swelling up in his nuts. “fuck me, I have a daughter around your age”, he smirked moving his right hand towards my thong covered pussy and begun to lightly run it along my wet slit, “ Is this ok?”, he enquired I nodded my head and leaned back, resting my hands on Ryan’s knees and appreciated the stimulation to my aroused pussy.

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