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#234528 - I moaned my approval and rubbed my breasts harder as I read what you wrote and imagined you doing it, my pussy getting even wetter as you told me how your cock would be rubbing on my skin, moving it to my clit you’d rub the head against it before sinking the head inside my tight hole, kissing my lips still before moving back to my breasts sucking the nipples again as your cock would slide into my pussy the full depth, your pelvis hitting my clit as you thrust hard in and out of my tight hole, your cock throbbing as you did so. You were rubbing your cock as you watched me play with my breasts, your cock was throbbing as your hand ran its length, in your mind it was my pussy not your hand and it was your mouth on my breasts not my hands. “Put me inside you” you moan as you kiss me, you feel my hand run down your side and under you grabbing your cock I moan and rub it a little up and down with my hand, feeling every inch from the tip down to your balls I slowly move it towards my

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