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#264698 - next day, i got up as usual took a shower, shave and i was looking moisturize cream which i could not find, i saw my wife travel bag half open i look in it to see if she had any cream i was searching in bottom i foun a pair of panties instead, i grab to smell her scent, i love the smell of pussy, they were semi wet i turn them inside out and guess what i found? you are danm right. that her brother was dating told my wife if she wanted to work for her, she told her brother about it and he said go for it and you can keep an eye on her also and tell me if you see something suspiciuos. i change my mind, my heart was going thousans of beats a minute, i decide to think it over i have to find the way to confront her or wait for her next move.

Read Web Cam [Saigado (Saigado)] Tsubasa-kun to Kakeru-kun Okawari [English] [mysterymeat3] [Digital] - Original Lovers Tsubasakun Okawari

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Nice woman i need dating woman like her
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The end was really bad