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#368436 - “Splat”! Deanna's reaction was even more bizarre as she jerked with startled uncertainty? Not at all that painful like she first thought it would be, actually it was quite arousing as Deanna's interest in kinky and unusual perverted sex had always been a big turn on for her, and this had certainly been kinky, and perverted! The ball had stuck and entered that area just inside the labia lips, but had not gone through the slightly deeper and tighter area between her opening and pelvic bone! One could easily see the round white background with the number “8” between her open cunt lips! Darryl still in charge and wanting to keep this game of kinky sex and crazy “Eight” going, had started untying Deanna with his friends help! She thought that he was finally going to free her from this humiliating public pornographic display? But instead had rolled her over onto her tummy and then pulled forward to where her big breasts were just barely hanging over the end of the table? Then

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Cory you have one of the nicest asses and a sweet little cunt i sure would love to feel you sliding up and down on my cock
Eula lawrence
Very sexy outfit when her ass is up like in the beginning