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#237214 - I pull out with a little plop and sit back against the tree, my cock softening slowly and covered in a combination of my cum and your juices, you tune around take my cock into your mouth and suck the sweet and salty mix off me before releasing it and kissing me, feeding me some of the product of our fucking. My Day The alarm clock clicks on and a slightly manic voice comes out of the speakers, “Good morning, I am the saviour of Radio 1, the one and only Chris Moyes”, “Bugger, that means it’s Monday morning and I’ve got to get my ass out of bed for work” I tell myself! I role over in bed and hit the snooze button, “Ten more minutes and I’ll get up” I say to myself. It fires out of my cock with such vigour that you squeal with every shot of cum that hits your inner pussy walls.

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