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#266651 - She then started rubbing my cock thru my pants and told me to relax and enjoy what was happening. Bill was holding Holly’s body tight against his as they swayed back and forth to the music, when they turned I was shocked to see that Bill had placed his hands thru the slits on Holly’s dress and was now cupping each of Holly’s bare arse cheeks, I also noticed that Holly had must of removed her bra when she was in the ladies room. Barbara just turned me away from facing towards Bill and Holly, Barbara began rubbing her leg against my cock making it get hard, she told me how good my cock it felt, she then kissed me holding my mouth against hers, by holding the back of my head as her tongue pushed into my mouth, her large breasts pressed against my chest as she held me close, when she finally broke our kiss, I looked around for where Holly and Bill were, they were still dancing but I now saw that Bill had his hand inside the front of Holly’s dress fondling her small breast.

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