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#19110 - She:mmmmmmh honnn that was soo fuckin tasty!! Me: yeah bitch it was waiting to get into ua mouth!! She:love you babiee,thanx! Me:do u think its all over now,growled She:ummm I know its time to fix my dripping hole horny Dogg! I winked at her,n pumped my thighs while walking, slightly making my erected rod touch her ass! She:aahhh your monster is trying to pierce the ass skin!! . Mmmm She yelled with unknown extreme pleasure Uuuuhhhh u dickhead!!! Stop teasing me and drill mah mmmy And then suddenly I closed her mouth breaking her words!! Introducing my tongue to its twin I sent my hand down in search of an other beautiful territory,the pussy. I started kissing her neck instead! Ahhhhh mmmmmh ur the mannn!!! You know how to tease me! Uuuhh she screamed with lust as my wet tongue sensibly exploring her warm neck!! Caressing it!! I sent my two hands Down in search of her two huge melons.

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Miyako shiina
This hentai brings back a lot of memories