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#81205 - “Guys this is Carol she wanted to cum”, she paused they all laughed “but she afraid you would not like her”! Jose was delighted with what the girls had found, he walked over to her, he introduced himself. Carol then realized Michelle wasn’t kidding, she reared back a bit “how’d you get you husband revved up”? Without hesitation she whispered, “it wasn’t my husband who did this”! Carols eye’s opened wide “you got time for coffee girlfriend”? They were seated at Carol’s kitchen table as Michelle explained how Sandi had introduced her to Matt. Michelle took out her phone she accessed the cloud account Matt had set up, she handed Carol the phone “judge for yourself”.

Read Domina Seitokaichou to Hitobanjuu - Persona 3 Office Seitokaichou to Hitobanjuu

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That took an interesting turn at the end
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