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#313092 - I was frightened so I let him sniff me all over. His pimp shaved his head and tatted his smooth white body all over – including his face! One of the white whores in the prison had all of his teeth pulled out by his black pimp, because the pimp said that, those gums made his mouth feel like cunt. You could hear the sweaty slaps of flesh against flesh, the moans and whispers of a couple making love, the whimpering bitch, sighing in submission, the deep bass voice shouting out in pleasure as he shot his cum deep into my guts! OH! YOU FUCKING FAGGOT! I thought to myself as his face rested on my shoulder, his dick still buried in my ass hole! Slowly he eased his still hard penis out of my fuck hole, and I jumped off the ratty couch to kneel naked at his feet.

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