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#50202 - one nigt I got off work earlier than usual and laft the office and headed home figuring to surprize my lovely wife with maybe a night out, dinner, dancing and the whole 9 yards, as I arrived in the driveway I noticed a riding lawnmower in the driveway, realizing the kid next door who had been mowing and doing landscaping for us for approximately 4 years was probably waiting to get paid for the month and no doubt scoping out my wifes very abundant bra as he had secretly been doing sine he started mowing for us at 15 and at age 20 we were one of 15 or so local homeowners he worked for. tall about 170 lbs , sandy blonde hair and steel blue eyes, what my wife cooly referred toas come fuck me eyes,wit a better than average build well toned from years of working outside and I presume gym time as well, my wife had joked often about giving him a real work out sometime,but as of yet it had not gone anywhere farther. Mike was an average looking kid around 6 ft.

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