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#29210 - Dont worry there is a large store in town we can head down after you have a look arond and the car is unpacked i said she started to smile agian and said ok dad as long as i get to pick what we have for dinner. Amy was strangly queit on the trip in to town i just left her to her self as i figered it had been a long couple of days for her the trip from our old house to the new one took nearly two days stopin of at a hotel over night then we got up and left at first light so i guessed she was beet. Thats cool we just got here Claire said as the back doors of the 4x4 opened and her daughters stepped out this was the first time i had seen them outside the car my cock jumped agian in my pants thay were even hotter than there mum just a bit taller about 5foot6 same firey red hair both cut to just below there sholders they had the most amazing eyes i had ever seen nikkys left eye was bright blue like sea ice and her right was the same green as her mother julie had the same exept the left w

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