#331037 - They landed in Cape town and an jungle safari was panned next day and alll of them went in packs as the time goes on there was a place in near by amazon forest which is so deep and only by wlk we can go it by foot and it is deadly poisonous creatures all are font of going in but mom was not interested they compelled and she went with them. She was soomuch impresed by the touch of the hard man and being stuffed by the biggest of all cocks. She ate with him and some drink was offered to her the food was so good which was just like kebab and some fish and some wild guava fruits and some vegetable slads almost they ate all and after that they took some rest after 3 to 4 hrs of sleeep mom could find someone neraby her side and that was that guy and he smiled at her and now mom kneeled and he brought his cock nera her mouth .

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If that looks and sounds as good as it feels he is a lucky guy
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