#299138 - Well it has been a wile since last football season and I couldn’t wait to coach again mainly because janes son mike couldn’t play for shit so she earned it for him by doin the only thing she knew how… by fuckin my brains silly…practice was tomorrow and Jane said that her son will definitely be getting a starting position that she had a surprise when I would arrive at her house today for our (special practice) I finally arrived on her door step and used the key under the mat I walked in and found her no were to be found I went into her room and went into her bottom drawer and pulled out her stash a weed rolled a quick doobie and figured she was probably in the basement as a walked down I hear low muffled moans I just figured she was fingering herself she could never really wait for me to come over she was already starting by the time I arrived It was different this time as I rounded the corner jane was lying spread eagle on the pool but she wasn’t just fingerin herself this time s

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