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#171406 - However, i keep getting drawn back to 1 picture in particular, don't know why but i keep returning to it and begin to tug on my hard cock as i look at the pretty naked lass before me, i have several celebs in mind for this one, don't know who to go for yet. Had she read my thoughts, and who the hell is George anyway? Clooney? Bush? Micheal - no surely not, who cares. She eases off slightly as her orgasm dies, moans with with pleasure as her pussy slides over my chin onto my chest, hot and wet she slides further down Now George, fuck me and fuck me hard she said it out loud, at least i had the decency to limit my fantasies to thoughts alone, but not her.

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Yuuya bridges
I will pull that hair like crazy
Such a nice pretty little pussy would love for you to sit on my face and do that on my tongue
Ryoko yoshida
Want to see your bf spread your pussy and licking you in pov
Hell yeah