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#136050 - Petersen, it really hurts!?! Let me feel it, he said in a thick voice, you probably just sprained it, while feeling her calf and ankle!!! Mmmmmmm, Becky said softly, it feels so much better when you're touching it, can you go a little higher, yeah, right there, just below the knee!!! As Mr. Petersen massaged Becky's sprain, Dana was busy aiming her video cam through a small hole that was hidden in her back pack, and it was all she could do to keep from breaking out in laughter at the academy award performance Becky was putting on!!! As the middle aged teacher worked on her leg, Becky leaned back a little and gradually spread her legs wider and wider, until her skirt was hiked up high on her thigh, and her panty clad crotch was plainly visible to his stunned eyes!!! Becky thought his eyes would pop out of his head, and to make it even tougher on him, she tightened and untightened her cunt muscles several times in rapid succession, which practically gave the old boy

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