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#220265 - a few weeks later me and harvey was back to are old self with in the few weeks we planned on going on holiday and it was the day we was going so i woke up really early. ha about 20 minutes later harvey come back into the hotel and said i picked up an italain word babe what word is that babe? harvey smiled and said desiderio it means i interupted and said it means wish babe i proud of you picking up and word harvey smiled and walked over to the bed and got a rewarding kiss from me harvey got undressed and back into bed we turned on the tv but harvey bless him couldnt understand because ovo it was in italain and to be fair i was struggling to keep up my self so we turned the tv off harvey said have you eatten babe? im not hungry babe harvey looked at me and said thata to bad because your eatting and im cooking i smiled and said cooking or cocking harvey walked upto me again and kissed me with his hand of the left side of my face and said play your cards right you could

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You bounce on mine
Makoto nanaya
Your bf is a really lucky guy
Mamoru amami
I do that with my bff