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#39161 - We headed out into the car park and got in Mike’s car. “Papa is happy” She said “It be hard for a few weeks with less money coming in” It was then I formulated a plan “Rachel sweetheart have you told anyone about what happed today” “No miss honest miss I would never break a promise never” “Good girl” I said “Rachel did you enjoy it” “Yes miss I am going to try my cousin Mary” “Would you like me to teach you more then?” I enquired “But again no one must know it is me understood” “Yes Miss thank you” “And Rachel if you are a very good student and do everything I ask I will make up your wages but no one is to know understood” “Yes miss” “Good I will see you at work tomorrow” With that I drove off as people were beginning to appear from the Pizza place and I recognised someone I did not want to see me. “In 3 weeks we are closing the store” This was the bolt from the blue none of them expected.

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These girls enjoy this camera or not
Shirou emiya
Holy fuck that was soo hot