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#383378 - While chatting, she looked me in the eyes with a naughty smile saying “I saw what you did yesterday Natalie, I think it was great” I looked her in the eyes smiling and saying “how sweet of you, I think we should discuss that under the water, but since you remember seeing me fully naked, I think it would be ok for me to get up now to wear my swimsuit, as I do sleep fully nude” She laughed saying “sure, be comfortable, you said we are friends” She got up, pulled her short, light fluffy dress off, over her head saying “I am ready; I wore my bathing suit under my dress” I got up, stood next to her, my eyes were all over her gorgeous body, she wore a two piece bikini suit, the top was so thin and so small, barely covered her nipples and areolas, the bottom was so little as well, barely covering her pussy and ass crack. I put the bikini on right away, held her hand walking her outside the room saying “I hope you are a good swimmer Alice, we will be playing catch me game?” She said “I

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