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#199939 - The Duke probes in your bottom “clamp down on my finger Mrs Smith” you tense your muscles, “that’s better” “again but this time clamp down and push out as though you are going to the toilet” the Duke watches intently as you strain against his finger, he’s more than satisfied as he watches your anal bud push outwards, “very good Mrs Smith very good” the finger withdraws. You had been enjoying the myriad of craft stalls with your husband. Lady Elly pulls the hood back from your clit and begins to lick more forcefully, your pussy spasms again as you fight to block the assault on your sex, another involuntary push from your trapped pelvis solicits a further reaction from the dildo as it starts to spread you open wider, Lady Elly pulls the hood of your clit back whilst she attaches a small clear Perspex suction cup over your it, and connects an ET312 sexual stimulation unit, simultaneously a vacuum pump sucks your clit inside the cup and begins a slow rhythmic pulsing, sti

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I love the squat fucking that booty is perfect and loved watching that bounce sexy
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