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#272857 - It was the night of the event and things were running smoothly we had stars performing all night. The ensuite door opened slightly and Taylor approached me in a bathrobe with her makeup redone up she looked similar to the way she wore her makeup in her Bad Blood music video really hot and fierce to match the vibe she had been giving me all night , as Taylor approached me my heart sank my erection hardened my nerves went crazy Taylor looked me up and down and dropped her rhobe to the floor exposing her perky boobs her hourglass shaped body and the main part her beautiful pussy she had a cute pile of fuzz just below the weist now it was my turn to look her up and down and i was loving what i was seeing like what you see she asked i just nodded still staring point blank at her beautiful pussy she placed her hand on my shoulders and mounted her naked body onto me grinding her pussy on my erected pants placing kisses along my neck puling my shirt of then running kisses up an

Read Great Fuck Alter-chan to Gohan - Fate grand order Seduction Alter-chan to Gohan

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Who is she her name pls
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