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#1667 - I came in and handed him a envolope he opened it and read the piece of paper. When I woke up that Sunday morning at 6:30 to get ready for 7. It was a usal Tuesday at College doing my performing arts work when my red Blackberry started ringing i left the classroom to answer it (knowing fine well it was going to be a client) hello Laurence Hilton the client said i'd like to hire you for the weekend if your available? I am 'available this weekend fantastic, I'm staying at The Savoy Hotel shall we say 6 o'clock Saturday whats your name and room number? Keith and room 79 for a weekend hire starting at 6 at night until 11 o'clock Sunday night will cost you £1500 I know I check your profile so I ended the call and went back into my lesson like nothing had happened.

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