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#13594 - Hailey acted like her normal self, but I found it a little uncomfortable, but I got threw the night and was relieved when I climbed in bed. We lay there for ten minutes; she then sat up, “Come on need food” we went down stairs, as we were, she cooked us breakfast and she sat in my lap as we ate, we returned to my bed and she was all my dreams come true, she sucked my cock swallowing my spunk, then sucking me back up we fucked again, and again. I could here Hailey was up and going from her room to the bathroom, then down stairs, she came back up a few minutes later and knocked on my door, she asked if I would like a drink, before she went to work, “Please” “OK I’ll be about ten minutes” “Thanks sis” she came up and handed me the cup, she smiled and asked “What’s up, not wanking this morning” this was the first time she had mentioned it after that day, what she said next was a total shock, “That’s a pity because If you had been wanking, I might have stayed home and helped you out, b

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