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#167573 - I leaned over and asked him “if he wanted to help me fuck my wife?” With a look of wonderment on his face he nodded, and said “hell yeah!” Conspiratorially I told him to lock up the office, and “stay at your desk until I call you”. We were sucking my wife’s tits, and her into submission! She moaned softly, taking in the fact that she has two men devouring her jutting breasts, her breathing became heavier; she was enjoying the sensation of having both her tits sucked on at the same time! She leaned her head back and said “ Suck my tits boys” “make Karen horny for cock” “give me cock, I want some cock!” I couldn’t take it any longer, I stood up, and stripped my clothes off in some sort of speed record, reached over yanked her skirt down over her gorgeous hips letting it fall to the floor, she steeped out of it, and kicked into the pile with the rest of her clothes, I damn near shredded her panties getting them off her! Ryan wasn’t far behind; he released her tit, and had ripped

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