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#71848 - 'have you got 'the Beast' in here?' 'Bedside cupboard' said Sharon and Jayne reached in and pulled out a double ended dildo which she pushed into Sharon's slippery twat to half its eighteen inch length and then lay back on the bed with her thighs wide open so that her daughter could mount her in the missionary position and lose the other nine inches inside her own well lubricated cunt. With rapidly increasing movements they bucked and heaved until with mutual screams they both sprayed their cum around the shaft of their mutal cock and onto each other's belly. Indeed Jayne had once starred in a porn film in which she had half filled a wine glass from several feet! Sharon had learned from experience exactly how far down her thighs to pull her knickers when lying down for a wank and as usual had managed to catch most of it in her gusset although some had splashed her thighs.

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Wow gorgeous girl
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Fuck you love sucking that cock