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#229323 - Now before we go on I need to tell you about her, Kara was a 55 smoking hot 18-year-old redhead who had everyone's head-turning when she walked past even a couple of women in the office could not look back at that peachy ass, anyway back to the story. After several orgasms Kara had only one thought enter her mind I need to drink all his warm cum As she was bouncing on Josh's cock she pleaded Can I have my reward, I need to drink all your cum No hesitation Josh pushed Kara off his dick and onto her knees suck it now Kara she began deepthroating and licking his tip only stopping to say I love the taste of my asshole on your cock this sent Josh over the edge and he came directly into her mouth, this gave Kara one last orgasm and she rubbed her clit violently causing her to squirt her teen juices all over Josh. PART THREE??.

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