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#148776 - in between his thumb and forefingers squeezed it even harder, really twisting and pulling on it, as hard, and sadistically as he could! For Deanna this was instant and horribly painful, but with the cock in her mouth she could not scream at all, and was only able to emit a choking submissive high pitch groan! Those watching could easily see the outline of his cock and cock head enlarging the soft skin of her throat grotesquely as it went down, deeper and deeper! The brother still on his knees and playing with her clit had taken a small black nylon wire tie and easily looped it around the base of her swollen clitoris and then pulled it tight! For Deanna the sensation was instant and incredible, then the abuser had again taken his sharp knife with her clit swollen had just barely pricked it several times, teasing and testing to see if he could puncture the throbbing blood filled membrane that was almost ready to burst! Under norm

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