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#393326 - --Cut To Farewell Party evening-- Aditi was wearing a white colour saree with a matching white colour sleevless and deep back cut blouse her saree complimented her complextion and raised her sex appeal ;) Aditi was chit-chatting with her friends when Rohan came And Asked Aditi to come with him He took aditi to his car which he had decorated with flowers and ballons and hearts Aditi entered the car when rohan proposed her. rohan knew he had hit the jackpot and today he was going to have a time of his life he drove her to his house Rohan asked aditi to go inside he would park the car and come Aditi went inside a bit ackward didnt know what to say or what to do was it right should she leave but she loved him and he loves her too she even liked their first kiss,to many question too much of confusion while thinking this she didnt even realised she had entered rohans beroom she turned back when rohan entered his bedroom he went upto aditi looked into her eyes giving her confidence that h

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