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#146234 - I rolled us on our side and we kissed lightly and just cuddled. She was a cock sucking virgin, but I wasn’t going to complain, after five minutes she moved up and straddled my cock, holding me up she sat down taking my full length, she let out a sigh, she started gyrating her hips and bouncing up and down, the bed squeaked a , “I hope mom cant hear this” “I know, but it’s exciting, thinking your mom is listening and she might be fingering herself” this was a picture I couldn’t think about, Julie bounced a little harder making the bed squeak more, I told her to stop it, “Why, your mom might be enjoying herself” I gave in and lay back mauling her tits and she bounced on my cock. Kissing down her stomach I more of her, I went down my tongue passed the strip of pubic hair, as my lips touched her pussy lip she had an orgasm, “That’s so fantastic” from the stories I knew what to do and set to licking and kissing her pussy, as she had another orgasm I found her clit and sucked it hard,

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