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#86085 - Archive: Yes Other Notes: This story is based on a picture entitled BONNIE SLUMBER by an artist named DTiberius and takes place after an episode entitled KIMITATION NATION. And after I had turned my head towards the Bonnie-clone, she had looked at me with a devilish smile on her lips, let out a hearty doze of evil laughter and asked, What's the matter, Kim? Don't you like being one of Doctor Drakken's little dyke bitches? That had finally caused me to let out a scream of terror and snap myself back into the real world, where I had noticed that I was all alone in the room and I still had my pajama bottoms and panties on, causing me to let out a sigh of relief and realize that I had just woken myself up from a really bad dream. com) My name is Kim Possible and the story that I'm about to tell you is truly an unusual one, because it had started on April 12th, which was exactly the same day that I had no choice, but to stop a batch of Bonnie Roc

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