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#71885 - I felt my clit tingle and realised the slow tempo of the buzz wasn't being caused by my own body, it was that egg thing he had pressed into the folds of my pussy lips, it was tingling and tickling my clit, it was getting more intense as the seconds went by, with every thrust he made me take he turned it up higher and higher til I was so tense that my whole body was rigid with need. He started to speed up, he pressed against my tonsils and they gave way easier than I thought and he slipped into my throat. He raised his hand to the top of my head, he pushed gently signalling that I should go lower, I dropped to my knees, he told me to clean him up, I looked up at him, a bit confused, I started to use my hands to wipe the slick wetness off of his cock but he said not with your hands little one and I knew instantly what that meant.

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Can t wait to see this whore in a duo with violet myers
Itsuki koizumi
Absolutely delicious mmmmm
Orie kayama
Nice one